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Customer Testimonials

Damian really is a Super Uncle!

8th September 2023

As a widow with 2 young children and no family support network his services have been invaluable to us.

Damien started caring for Mateo and Maia about 3 months after the death of my husband when they were just 3 and 5 years old. Having watched their Dad go from healthy to dying 6 months later after a very quick but hard fought battle with brain cancer was incredibly hard for them.

Their behaviours escalated, they struggled with emotional regulation and they really struggled being away from me, terrified that I would leave too, but as a full time working mother, I had no choice.

Leaving them that first time with someone else was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It wasn’t pretty, but we got through it. Damian was so great with them right from the start, understanding their trauma, being both firm and gentle, loving and supportive through melt downs and tantrums, defiance and crazy moments.

2 years on, our life is very different. We are healing, the kids are happy and healthy and Damien remains a massive part of our life. The kids love him. I sometime get home early and find Maia curled up on his lap watching Barbie or Frozen (the man must have watched them a 100o times by now!) and Mateo likes to show or tell him what he’s doing at school or rugby. Instead of trauma, he supports my youngest through ADHD, always patient, but firm with her when she needs it and always ready with a hug or cuddle when she struggles emotionally.

Having no family here, knowing that there is someone who cares for my kids when I can’t be there, someone that I can trust, is wonderful. It enables me to do a very busy and full-on job and give it my full attention, secure in the knowledge that my kids are safe, well cared for and usually having fun, whilst I am helping others. It has also meant I am able to have a social life, spend time with friends and even date, without feeling guilty about being away from the kids.

They have such fun with Damien. He sponsors them for events at school, their rugby team, he takes them out to places and they love it when he also cares for their friends too. I think they go out to dinner more times than I do. I couldn’t ask for better support or a better person to care for my kids. He is super friendly and very flexible and will always try his best to be available when you need him. I  have recommended him to lots of friends who now also use his services and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a caring, confident and experienced person to care for their kids.

Sarah Whitaker, Union Official

Mother to Mateo (Yr. 2) & Maia (PP), Craigie Heights Primary School

19th February 2023

As a single mum with 5 young kids i dont get alot of me time, i found super uncle who has been able to help me out on multiple occasions, including an over night!

Damian is absolutely amazing with the kids and they love him and dont want him to leave by the end! 10/10 recommend to any family looking for an amazing babysitter

Kate L.

31st December 2022

I cannot recommend this service enough. We travelled from Melbourne to Perth for a friend’s wedding. My daughter is normally quite shy, even with her own teachers at day care. When I went to pick her up at the end of the night, she was having that much fun she didn’t want to leave. She has even asked that when we go to Perth again, if Damian can look after her for a night, so mum and dad can go have a nice dinner.

Damian is so good with the kids and very patient. It was lovely to see my girl so happy and conversing with someone she had never met previously.

If I lived in Perth, I would constantly be using this service.

Thank you so much for looking after my girl so well.

Amanda P. – Melbourne

8th October 2022

As a support worker my job demands me to work on public holidays and obviously daycare is closed. On those days I was a little stressed to find a solution for my daughter to be cared for.

After my friend recommendation for Super Uncle, I felt a little bit at peace that my daughter would be safe and looked after. I kept in contact with Super Uncle throughout the day and he was sending photos and videos of activities they were doing. My daughter seemed very happy and playful, it wasn’t just time passing by with her nanny, it was also educational and the games she played were enjoyable.

The first day Super Uncle looked after my daughter she didn’t want me to leave as it was all new for her which is normal, but it was another case when I came home she was so happy and gave me a big hug. So much different to when I pick her up from daycare, she would be all stressed, hungry and tired.

I do recommend Super Uncle so much for what he does for so many reasons first and foremost one-on-one care for your child and secondly you are sure that your child is happy and well carer for in the best possible way.

Zahira S. – Osborne Park

27th August 2022

Highly recommended super uncle his amazing with my three kids looks after 12yr , 5 and 6yr offen , very going and communication is a breeze with him. Can’t wait for our next meeting in September, day out for mum ????

Erin R. – Armadale

3rd August 2022

I was nervous about hiring a babysitter recently becoming a single mother and never needing one previously, but Super Uncle made me feel at ease from the moment I met him. He was so calm and fantastic with my daughter and she was comfortable with him immediately. He has been so accommodating with my booking times and nothing is too much trouble for him. An easy 11/10 stars!! I wouldn’t use anyone else and couldn’t recommend him enough.

Saffron M. – Tuart Hill

1st November 2021

Super Uncle has now been looking after our baby Bodhi for four months, since Bodhi was just four months of age. We use his services for 1/2 a day during the week when we are often both at work at the same time (we both work as doctors), and on Sundays so my husband and I can have “a date night” to ourselves. On the first few visits, Bodhi was quite upset we were leaving him with a stranger, but he now seems very comfortable around Super Uncle. Bodhi has stranger-anxiety (as is common in this age group) and so doesn’t usually take well to anyone other than myself and my husband. Super Uncle does his best to also fit in other occasions when we have needed help- such as going for a test drive for a new car and when we have to go out to parties. Super Uncle is always on time, and has never cancelled on us yet. We have had issues in the past with other baby-sitters cancelling last minute. The only issue we have is that he can be very booked out at times and so we have to get in early with the days/dates we want-especially if its for regular shifts. It would be great if there was another super uncle to help out! With us having no family in Perth and my husband & I both having to cover each others work hours, we will likely need even more help in the future when our second child arrives. We’re not quite ready to put Bodhi in day care yet; and will probably end up using a blend of day-care and super-uncle visits to tie us over in the future.

Kate J.

21st October 2021

Hey Damian,

I just wanted to say thank you for your tremendous support and care towards myself and my children. Being a mother of two, and one who has special needs is a huge stressor within itself, let alone trusting someone to look and care for him as I do. The way you presented yourself in a loving and friendly manner, it immediately put my mind at ease and I knew that despite his extra needs you were going to be able to cater for him, I could see the way he opened up to you and this was such a blessing to see as it doesn’t happen very often.

You bring both my children joy and happiness when you look after them and they continually talk about you for weeks, it is such a lovely and reassuring thing to see being a parent. I am forever grateful for your care you provide, I highly recommend you to all my friends and family and especially to the parents with kids with additional needs too as I know and have experienced how you are with my son.

Thank you again for all your kindness and support, you’re one of a kind!



24th September 2021

Damian came prepared with a car trunk full of kids games and activities! The best feedback would be that my 4 year old has asked multiple times when Damian can come back again as it was so much fun.

Galina L. – Daglish

6th September 2021

Super Uncle/Damian is my kids favourite babysitter of all time! When the need arises, they request that Damian babysit them. He’s a kind, caring and generous human who always puts the needs of the children first.
With a huge bootload of board games, or cookie making or fun play time, he’s always prepared to give the kids a joyful time!
I’d highly recommend Damians service and trust him implicitly with my children!!

Kate T. – Spearwood

4th September 2021

I Feel very fortunate to have found Damian when I was looking for a regular baby sitter. He is an amazing care giver, reliable, easy to deal with and fantastic with my son.

I Love that he brings board games and does interactive activities keeping my 10 year old stimulated and entertained.

Thanks Damian I appreciate your help with Tyler. I definitely would recommend him if your looking for a top bloke and good role model around your kids!

Amber H. – Bassendean

21st August 2021

Thanks for your help Damien. The kids told us they had a great time. You made us feel very comfortable leaving the kids with you. Will definitely book again.

Chantal G. – Hammond Park

19th July 2021

I highly recommend Damian, he was one of the best babysitters I have ever had…. He brought an amazing amount of games to play with them and also baked cookies…we will definitely use him again.

Kate W. – Ballajura

17th June 2021

I highly recommend Damien to care for your children, he’s an absolute natural and children naturally gravitate towards him .
Damien has a very natural relationship with children, he’s fun, gentle, happy , kind and caring.
He offers children a good form of education with his knowledge of computers, but also loves the outdoors and park trips.
Damien looked after both my daughters for 2 years we have now moved interstate and we miss Damien very much .
Damien comes highly recommended by myself, he’s reliable, Punctual, honest and a great guy to be around .

Nicola R. – Brisbane

17th March 2021

My little 3 year old boy is highly autistic and non verbal, he’s always loved Damian from day 1, but he’s not the affectionate type of child. But lately he’s completely taken to Damian on a whole new level. I love it!!!
Thanks for taking care of him for me once a week/fortnight so I can get some well needed time out.

Amanda S. (Manda’s Mini Indulges) – Seville Grove

9th February 2021

We have been using Damian’s service for many months now and I couldn’t be happier. He is a great babysitter and provides an exceptional service. He is the first babysitter we have used where my son doesn’t cry as I leave, which as a parent we know is a very difficult thing to see your little one sad when you have to go to work. He’s flexible with us on times as I work nights and days. He has it all covered from games to car seats. From being fun to enforcing bedtimes and rules that I have set. Taking him on fun outings on the longer days. Couldn’t ask for a better guy looking after my little 4 year old who like to push the boundaries now and then! Will be surely using his service for many more months to come.

Kelsey H. Madeley

29th November 2020

This is what my 6 y/o Daugther wrote in the morning after spending a good night with Damian!

“All about Super Uncle.
Did you know, that when Super Uncle come to your house, He comes with a whole lot of games and Super Uncle is nice, so don’t mess around with him. From Ahava to Super Uncle, I love you!”

You really are a great Manny Damian, thanks loads for giving her a great time!

Ade R. – Geraldton

16th October 2020

We had Damian help looking after our super active 20 months for our wedding day. Our bub loves him. We had stress free wedding day thanks to Damian. Highly recommend him if you need someone to look after your kid/s. He is reliable and legit can make ur kids calm. Thanks, Damian.

Vanessa S. – Carlisle

2nd October 2020

When searching for a babysitter its not always easy as you need to find the right fit for your family. I would highly recommend Damian ‍♂️ having two boys aged 5 and 6 I found my boys loved playing the board games he provided and enjoyed super uncles company so much so the next day asked when he would be back? S.U.D was punctual, warm, friendly and calming around the boys. He is a fully certified expert in first aid and had all the current Children’s Check and Police Clearance available to view on hand.
I know your children would love him as much as mine have and that you would never be disappointed in his services. ‍♂️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genene M. – Alexander Heights

2nd October 2020

Damian looked after my daughter for a a few months while I had to work. He was a really big help with looking after her for me. It’s really hard when you’re a single mum and you can’t find anyone to watch your child for you. He is amazing with her. He is someone I would recommend to anyone looking for school picks or even to watch your child all day. I have used his services to watch her off and on over the years as well.

Benita D. – Perth

7th September 2020

Testimonial from a foster carer:

As a foster carer I am not permitted to provide names or photographs, but I am more than happy to write a recommendation for Damian’s services. A friend, who has used Damian’s child minding services for years, introduced us socially. The child in my care is not particularly trusting of men, but I observed that he seemed at ease with Damian and enjoyed playing a board game with him.

We arranged a time for a visit to a park and a spot of fishing off a jetty. Damian has a calm and patient demeanour, which puts children at ease. More recently, Damian spent a rainy evening with my boy playing board games. In the lead up to the evening, my boy was greatly looking forward to Damian arriving and had no separation anxiety about me going out for dinner.

Damian is very punctual and flexible. It is wonderful to know that we have found someone kind and reliable for future occasions.

11th March 2020

I have been looking for a nanny for a while for my almost 2 year old. Being a mom and having a stressful job, I was on the look out for someone who just wasn’t going to clock the hours but rather for someone who will part of our little family. I went through lots of post of nannies who were available but none really stood up to me.

My husband and  I were almost giving up on our search and just then I came across a vehicle with super uncle written on it. Out of curiosity, I looked up Super Uncle on social media and he was nanny and he was ticking all my boxes of what I was looking for. I told my husband about Damian and he still wasn’t  very sure about it, I manage to convince him to meet with Damian. I messaged Damian about a meeting, he was so accommodating with my request, with the added bonus he drove all the way to us ( we live in the south).

We had a discussion about his background and we told him about our family, my little man warmed up to him fast. He kept going up to him while we were talking and Damian made him feel so comfortable.  My little man is so happy when Damian comes around, he has this big smile on his face and just runs up to him, Damian has been fantastic and I’m glad we waited for the right person to come along.

Roopi D. – Wandi

6th February 2020

Hi Damian – just like to let other people understand just how good your service is!

I am the director of a company called Associated Stocktaking (as well as having several other business interests) and we have a very haphazard work schedule. I have been relying on friends as babysitters up until I decided to see what would come of a Facebook advert to a babysitting group. I really wanted something reliable, where the kids were attended to and the house wasn’t left like a bomb had hit it.

I had a few replies, but Damian stood out very clearly. I recognised in his response someone who is very businesslike and the amount of effort into making clear he ticks all the boxes grabbed me.

True to the claims he made – Damian has transformed our situation by providing a very flexible service. He connected with our children instantly! For the kids he brings good old fashioned games, a calm relaxed energy and a heap of experience. His focus is on the children and ensuring they are not only entertained, but that they are learning and challenged and engaged.

I have to say that although very careful with who I allow to be alone with my children, Damian is someone that I am delighted to have and he is already almost part of the family!

I hope this helps anyone who requires babysitting services to engage Damian. You will be delighted with the result!


Stephen Moore

27th January 2020

We recently travelled to Perth for my brother’s wedding. We have 3 children under 6 and so wanted some help through the week to be able to enjoy ourselves as well while on holidays.

We were lucky enough to find Damian who is every part of his brand ‘Super Uncle’.

Damian babysat our 2 older children while we were able to go out for dinner, he also came to the wedding and help entertain our children while we were able to socialise, he then took our children home and put them to bed so we could enjoy the rest of the wedding ‘child free’.

Damian was very relaxed and super friendly and connected with our kids instantly, they particularly loved the games they played together.

If in Perth I would recommend Damian as a babysit/nanny, we were able to enjoy ourselves while on holiday knowing Damian was taking care of our children.

Georgia S. – Melbourne

28th December 2019

My kids had a great time with Damian, a 1 and 3 year old. Even though my 1 year old has separation anxiety he warmed to Damian so quickly I was able to enjoy a stress free afternoon, knowing my kids were well looked after. Damian kept them well entertained and they can’t wait to see their “friend Damian” again.

Louise M. – Iluka

23rd November 2019

Damian is brilliant taking care of our children. He is professional, flexible and trustworthy. He has such a calm demeanour that makes the children feel at ease. It is clear to me that Damian is committed to give an excellent service for the parents and the children. He keeps them occupied and most importantly, safe. Thank you Damian for making our lives easier by knowing that our children are happy and well looked after.

Leticia M. – Mt Lawley

18th November 2019

I was very impressed with Damian’s service. I contacted him and we met up so he could meet the kids.

I had 2 drop off points and he was happy to do both. As a single mum I was stuck with having to start at 4am for training so had to organise a 6.30am drop off to before school care/daycare at Atlantis then a 7.20am drop off to family day care in Quinns as my kids vary in ages.

I highly recommend him to any mums or dads needing care, pickup or drop offs for your children.

And the feedback from the centre and family daycare was great. When they received the kids I was told they were happy and content.

Damian did drop off for me Monday to Thursday and was a real life saver. Truly glad to see his service is available and flexible to suit many families needs.

I will continue to use him if I need to in the future.

18th November 2019

Damian is an amazing nanny. My little one adores him. after my nanny of three years left us he has been helping us as much as he can. He would always put the kids first. I forgot to pack a hat in the park bag and Damian gave his to my little one. He also helps with my dishes and hang my washing. He is god sent to look after my precious little boy. I am very fussy who I hire but from day one Damian has ticked all the boxes for us.

Sunita M. – Bayswater

11th November 2019

Damian helped me look after my 11 year old daughter while I enjoyed a night out. My daughter loves to be on her IPad but from the moment Damian arrived, she didn’t want it as she had too much fun playing the games he had to entertain her. I have all the confidence in Damian to look after any age child and would be my first choice if I needed help looking after my daughter again.

Megan S. – Bunbury

16th October 2019

I am a single parent with unpredictable childcare and was recommended Damien by some friends. Damien arrived promptly and spent time understanding my children’s needs along with the issues I have with childcare. Both my children absolutely adored him and have been begging to have him back ever since. He not only provided security but also arrived with a full set of educational activities for both. Myself and the children are looking forward to his next visit and I can highly recommend him . Super uncle certainly lives up to his name ?

Claire A. – Mindarie

3rd August 2019

Damian Lissington is the best babysitter we have ever had. He is conscientious, pro-active-he brings the best games and never tires of playing with the kids. He is dependable and we can not recommend him enough. We’ve been using him for years. We have 2 daughters.

Leena U. – Bickley

28th March 2019

Children had a wonderful time. Damian was punctual and reliable. Highly recommended.

Tracy R. – Northbridge

21st February 2019

Our two boys (6 and 3 yrs old) are always looking forward to Damian arriving at our house. It has been a pleasure for me too to have Damian take care of them, especially when I come back home after work and find the boys very relaxed and snuggled on the sofa with Damian or happily playing with him. He is also punctual on arrival to our house and to all the pickups we ask him. Our family cannot do without him. I would highly recommend his babysitting service.

Mizuki S. – South Perth

19th February 2019

Damian is a wonderful babysitter. Always on time and follows our routine exactly. Our 2 year old son is always so settled and happy around him. Damian will also go out of his way to make sure he can fit your booking into his busy week!

Jodie M. – Greenwood

27th December 2018

Damian came to help me just before Christmas so I could do all my Christmas cooking and he assisted me with my 3 kids Milanija 7 and Jett and Blu Twins 15 months he was efficient, on time, trust worthy, fun and very very experienced a God send and we totally recommend his services. Thanks a million Damian.

Renee DB. – Eden Hill

13th December 2018

In the middle of studying, I just needed someone reliable, available for daytime care of short durations and occasionally longer hours.
I enquired about Damian’s services after seeing his info on Facebook and he responded promptly, drove into meet me personally soon after.
From the start I knew this was a great fit.
Damian is not only professional in arriving early each and every time, he immediately gets the kids out of car seats, sorts the pram and puts you at ease with how calm and patient he is with the kids.
I would never hesitate to have Damian care for my 4yr old daughter and 2yr old son.
They love spending time with him and I appreciate his quiet caring nature with my two high energy kids – nothing rattled him!!!

If you haven’t tried male childcare for your kids, I encourage you too – Super Uncle is brilliant with little people.

Janelle I. – Midland

25th November 2018

I would have no hesitation recommending Damian. He helped my husband and I out when we were stuck and needed someone to care for our 6 year old son on short notice.

My son was comfortable and happy with his experience, and my husband and I were at ease. I would happily use him again.

L. Mitchell. – Yokine

31st August 2018

Damian has been babysitting my son, aged 5 years, for 6 months now.  Charlie really looks forward to Damian looking after him.  They have heaps of fun together and connected immediately.  As a single mum I really wanted a male role model in my son’s life and we have definitely found a fantastic role model in Damian.

He is always reliable and punctual.  He loves playing games with Charlie and they have lots of laughs.

Damian is very trustworthy and I can highly recommend his babysitting services.

Thank you Super Uncle

Vanessa B. – Innaloo

2nd July 2018

Damian has cared for my two young children (5 1/2 year old girl & 2 1/2 year old boy) on a regular basis since January 2018. Damian is reliable, always punctual and the kids adore him. Nothing but praise for our Super Uncle!

Mahalia G. – Nedlands

19th June 2018

Damian has and is an absolute life saver. Firstly Damian is reliable, on time and definitely trust worthy. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending his services to everyone. He looks after my 5 and 3 year old boys regularly and my youngest gets a bottom lip moment when Damian leaves!! The 5 year old said tonight, ‘Damian is such a luverly guy!’ Bless him! We are 1000 of miles from family and Damian definitely acts like the Uncle they don’t have here in Perth. I was sceptical at first as a ‘Manny’ is not conventional but how wrong was I??!!. He is more like a family member now and I don’t know where we would be without him! My work is unpredictable with random early starts constantly and yet nothing is too much trouble, he even cleans up the dishes and lunch boxes without asking and he does a better job than our dishwasher!!! Trust me when i say Damian does exactly what you need, my boys have never been happier….Thank you so much Super Uncle Mr Mrs B and the Crazies xxx

Tania B. – Kallaroo

17th June 2018

Damian has been babysitting for my two boys, aged 2 and 5 years, every week since April 2018. He has been consistently professional, punctual and reliable in all his duties with our family. My boys really look forward to their time with Damian and I can always leave for work knowing that they are happy and safe with Damian. I can highly recommend Super Uncle for baby sitting services.

Christie O. – South Perth

12th May 2017

We have known Damian Lissington for approximately 10 years, initially in the capacity of “Super Nerd” and now in the capacity of “Super Uncle”.  Damian has spent many hours at our home initially working on our computer and subsequently stepping in at short notice to look after our 2 children who are 10 and 12.

We find Damian to be trustworthy, dependable and reliable.  Damian is not only available to look after our children, but he will also step up to cook meals for them whenever necessary.

Our kids are comfortable with his company in our home, and I would be happy to use the services of “Super Uncle” at any given time.

June B. – Mullaloo

???????? Super Uncle ????????

April 2016

Damian is really good at handling kids, because he has nine nieces and three nephews so he has experience in it. He knows how to manage children when they are angry or upset and shows great passion towards looking after kids.

When his nieces were going to perform there dances on stage he was there on time ready to watch them. He clapped proudly and when the dance teams and individual dances finished. The ribbons and medals where handed out for the teams and individual dances, not all of his nieces came top but he was still proud because of how much effort was put into it.

He also shows great passion towards his nephews he tickles them and chases them round the house because he knows his nephews like it.

He also shows great passion toward me and my brothers he takes us out to the movies, indoor playgrounds and time zone, he doesn’t just sit there he plays with us too. He also takes us to his work and we get to see what he does to the computers at work.

He is a nice guy who also shares his 7 devices he can give you if you are board in the car on the way to the amazing and awesome trips. Like I said he takes you to time zone, playgrounds and other cool places. He also takes us to his work which is pretty amazing.

He always drops us off at the right time he always says “It is rude to be late” which is the right thing to say and do.

Now if you are looking for a vacation care / day care you should come to SUPER UNCLE because it is wonderful fun and you get to go on lots of trips in the car to fun playgrounds and games. Your child is in the right hands because they can meet new friends and Damian has experienced it for a lot he has experienced for about 15-18 years.

MB age: 10