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Travel Agent

1000 Mile Travel Group – Leanne Clark

My mission is to ensure your travel is smooth sailing and hassle free.

Leanne Clark
Mobile: 0433880787
Email: leanne.clark@1100miletravel.com.au
Website: https://1000miletravel.com.au
Facebook: Leanne Clark – 1000 Mile Travel Group
Facebook Messenger: LeanneClark1000MileTravelGroup
Instagram: 1000mtg

Bicton Travel

I am passionate about travel and making amazing life experiences for people. I specialise in Ocean and River cruises, land touring, adventure travel, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA/Canada, Cuba and South America.
No destination is too small or too big.

Mike Drew
Phone: 1300618804
Mobile: 0468694384
Address: PO Box 435, Karrinyup WA 6921
Email: mike.independent@bictontravel.com.au
Facebook: Mike Drew Travel
Facebook Messenger: mikedrewtravel

Mobile Travel Agents – Debra Johnston

I am a mobile travel agent with over 30 years travel industry experience. I can assist in planning all your travel needs from wherever convenient to you.

Debra Johnston
Phone: 1300365688 EXT 738
Mobile: 0417929982
Email: djohnston@mtatravel.com.au
Website: http://agents.mtatravel.com.au/djohnston
Facebook: Debra Johnston MTA-Mobile Travel Agents
Facebook Messenger: mtadebrajohnston

Personal Travel Manager – Alison Parker

Keep up to date with the latest deals and destination information. Alison can assist you in booking and planning your dream holiday, cruise and flights.

Alison Parker
Phone: 92551472
Mobile: 0407778841
Address: 13 Gungurru Court, Swan View WA 6056
Email: alison.parker@travelmanagers.com.au
Website: https://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm/AlisonParker
Facebook: Alison Parker – TravelManagers Australia
Facebook Messenger: AlisonParkerTravelManagers
LinkedIn: alison-parker-94080846
Instagram: a.parker99
YouTube: TravelManagers Australia

Personal Travel Manager – Carly Retallack

I’m passionate about creating the perfect travel experience for my customers.
Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea where to start, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me so we can get your dream holiday underway!

Carly Retallack
Mobile: 0439910333
Email: carly.retallack@travelmanagers.com.au
Website: https://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm/CarlyRetallack
Facebook: Carly Retallack – Personal Travel Manager
Facebook Messenger: CarlyRetallackTM

Personal Travel Manager – Tanya Whitehurst

With 20+ years experience in the travel industry, both on land and sea, I can provide you with expert knowledge, advice and exceptional customer service.

Tanya Whitehurst
Mobile: 0409554950
Email: tanya.whitehurst@travelmanagers.com.au
Website: https://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm/TanyaWhitehurst
Facebook: TravelManagers – Tanya Whitehurst
Facebook Messenger: TravelManagerTanyaWhitehurst