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Character References

16 Scaphella Avenue
Western Australia 6027
8th October 2018

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Damian Lissington for almost ten years when I first used his Super Nerd services to repair my home computer.

I have always found him to be efficient and professional at all times. He quietly and patiently gets on with the task in hand.

On a personal level he has without fail displayed a calm and gentle nature and is always happy to help others, often putting their needs before his own.

In the last couple of years, I offered to help him write a brochure for his Super Uncle business and while he had some clear ideas of what he wanted included, he also listened to and took advice.

I have often seen him with young children and can honestly say that children in his care are calm, always engaged in some useful activity, (perhaps drawing, reading or playing a game) and have never thrown a tantrum in my presence. He quietly cares for them, without raising his voice and the atmosphere is peaceful and productive.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his Super Uncle or Super Nerd services and am happy for anyone to contact me to discuss any of the above in more detail. My contact number is 0408 221 725.

Mary Simpson
Authorised Marriage Celebrant


71 Southern Cross Circle
Ocean Reef
Western Australia 6027
Telephone: (08) 9300 6016
Email: crispythree@gmail.com

October 2018


I have known DAMIAN LISSINGTON for over ten years. He has been looking after my computer with great reliability and efficiency.

He is a very presentable young gentleman, who dresses and speaks well. He appears to be well educated, and is  certainly extremely knowledgeable on his subject of computers. I believe him to be completely honest, and the kind of person who will put other people’s needs before his own: in other words he is a kind and thoughtful person.

I would unhesitatingly recommend him most strongly for any position for which he would be considered suitable.

Christopher Latham, G.R.S.M., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., M.I.M.T.


I have known Damian Lissington for over 10 years in a professional capacity. Damian has supplied IT support services to our business over that period. I have always found Damian to be an absolute professional in his business dealings and a person of good character and integrity. In the time Damian has done IT support work for us I have also got to know him on a more personal level. He is a kind and gentle person who always puts other people first. He is always calm and collected which is probably a good trait when you deal with complex IT issues regularly.

I also know Damian has a very close relationship with his family and in particular as an uncle to his sisters children. I have regularly seen him with his nieces and am always amazed by the way he deals with them  and I can tell he is very involved in their upbringing and is a very loving uncle to his nieces.

Steve Cloughley
Director & Wine Buyer
WA Cleanskin Cellars
Phone: 08 9248 6621 | Mobile: 0418 915 423 | Address: 39 Millrose Drive, Malaga WA 6090
Website: www.wacleanskincellars.com.au


October 2018

My name is Mike Beach and I have known Damian Lissington for over 12 years. I know Damian particularly well and wish to provide an honest account of him. Damian has worked hard to find a niche in the workforce, going from working with computers to working with children and teenagers.

During his time as a computer repair expert, Damian competently undertook any job thrown at him and was always solving my computer problems. He responded quickly and efficiently to get my computer working time and again. I also referred friends to him who were very satisfied with his work.

I trust Damian wholeheartedly and have no hesitation in stating that he is reliable and dependable and of good character.

Damian’s best qualities are that he is a caring person; he knows the importance of family and friendship and holds those bonds close to him. I often saw him with his nieces and nephews and know that he responds well to them.

Damian has long running experience in looking after youngsters and I wish him well in his endeavours as a mobile day care child minding service.

He makes a great SuperUncle.

Mike Beach
Retired – MULLALOO



October 9th 2018

To whom it may concern


I have had the pleasure of knowing Damian for the past few years and he is of very good character and has the most amazing skills with children.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to provide any form of babysitting for and child.

Kind Regards

Elaine Townsend

Unit 2, 89 Winton Road
Joondalup WA 6027
PO BOX 187
Joondalup WA 6919
P: +61 8 9304 9113
F: +61 8 9304 8113
M: 0415 255 220
E: info@townsendrealty.com.au

Townsend Holdings (WA) Pty Ltd trading as Townsend Associates Realty ABN 90 123 118 954


Mike & Lois Arnold
Quinn’s Rocks WA

My Wife and I have known Damian Lissington for approximately 15 years mainly in the business of computer build/repair, we have always found Damien to be a very reliable honest and trustworthy person, he is very efficient and meticulous in every aspect of his duties and we certainly have no problem recommending him to anyone who wishes to avail themselves of his services, if any further information is required, we can be reached on the above telephone number or e-mail address



Damian Lissington has been our home and business computer technician for at least the last 15 years.
Damian was also a carer for his nieces. He would often bring them with him to the job. His devotion to his nieces was obvious. That devotion was reciprocated.
We have found Damian to be honest, reliable and punctual.
We understand he now has a Working With Children Card and a National Police Clearance.
We wish him well with his new endeavour.
Steve and Sue Brown


20th October 2018

Re: Damian Lissington

To whom it may concern

I have known Damian since about 2005. I first met him through a local flyer he had posted in our letterbox. At the time he was starting up his own computer based business, & I called on him to fix a problem I had with my PC.

He did indeed fix the problem, & I found him to be trustworthy, friendly, efficient, and very knowledgeable. I have constantly used him since then, and continue to do so to this day.

I do this, because I know that he always has the customers interest at heart, so I feel that he will never try to “sell” me something, I don’t need.

I now consider Damian a friend, and would have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone.

I am more than happy for Damian to pass on my phone number to any potential client of his, so they can call me regarding my dealings with him in the past, as I only have positive words to say about him.

Peter McCulloch


Damian Lissington I have known for 20 years, Damian was our computer whizz attending to the computers at my husband’s business.

Damian has always been reliable, on time, and kept his word with regarding his work.

He is a character of trust, kindness, a good listener and always willing to lend a hand.

Have observed Damian with his niece and so caring and attentive to her needs.

A lovely man and highly recommend him for the care of your child, his business is a lovely way to care for the children.

Lynne Warner
Ph: 0430 572 140



I have known Damian Lissington for more than twenty years. I have found Damian to be a very punctual, diligent, competent and a dedicated Computer Technician, he is thoroughly trustworthy and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any person.

Peter Hewitt
21st October 2018
Telephone: 9401 2168


I have known Damian Lissington for approx. 11 years, in this time I have known him to be a very trustworthy and amicable person. With my husband working away and required to call on Damien his honesty and integrity has further built on this trust. His demeanor around children was clear as he was required to bring his babysitting responsibilities with him. The response of those in his care was of trust, any further queries please do not hesitate to call.

Regards Bev


To whom it may concern.

I have known Damian for over 12 years, after a neighbour recommended him to me for a computer repair.

We realised that he knew my daughter as they went to the same High School.

I can only speak very highly of Damian as I feel he is a quiet, confident gentleman.

He attended to my computer problems on a number of times, some of those times he was babysitting his nieces.

The children were lovely and very polite under Damian’s watchful eyes. He is a man who CAN do two things at once.

I think Damian would be a great “Super Uncle” as well as a great “Super Nerd”.

Yours faithfully

Jan Darmody


I have known Damian Lissington for 15 years. He has visited both our home and business premises as our IT specialist. Damian is punctual, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. On several occasions over the years Damian in a support role for his sisters has bought his nieces to our home and business with him. On every occasion the girls have been happy and content in Damian’s care.
I wish Damian every success in his Super Uncle business.

Deborah Wright
0422 333 290




My wife and I have been receiving Mr Damian Lissington into our home since 2009. During this time Damian has served our needs for a professionally competent computer technician and information technologist to the highest standards. He has always been fair with us displaying great integrity. Damian displays great patience and is a Rolls Royce of reliability thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction and respect.

We have also had the opportunity to see Damian interact with two of his less than 4 years of age nieces and a nephew on numerous occasions. It is apparent to us that while Damian loves the children (and they him) his relaxed control of them in an unfamiliar environment, among strangers, while undertaking highly technical work requiring quiet and concentration was most impressive. Our witness to and, involvement in all these interactions and, made the children’s’ visits with their Uncle Damian to our home something we really looked forward to.

I feel comfortable proffering this character reference relating to his ability to interact with adults and children. Based on personal experience I also believe that any adult child interaction with Damian Lissington would prove to be a good experience for all concerned.

We wish you well Damian.

Kind regards,

Rob & Angela Eacott
6th November 2018.


November 9, 2018

Letter of Recommendation:
Mr Damian Lissington

To Whom It May Concern

My wife Helena and I have known Damian personally for over ten years.  We know him to be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

We have witnessed his interaction with the children within his own family.  He has shown consistent patience, kindness and caring.



Dr K Michael Wayte D.C.
Oncology Research International Ltd
Mobile: 0407 425 937


Damian contacted me and asked if I would write a testimonial for his Super Uncle business.

I was thoroughly pleased to be asked.  As a family we have known Damian for over 14 years.

Firstly as an Uncle who brought his nieces and latterly nephew to Dancing classes when our daughter was attending.  He was always there for them during competitions, providing emotional support, equipment, and ongoing encouragement.  He could be seen at both lessons and competitions gently and quietly encouraging a young dancer to give it a go and do her best and that he would love them whatever the outcome.

Then in later years as our family IT guy.  Damian maintained the home computers, often turning up with a niece or nephew in tow such was his devotion to family.  The child always sat quietly doing an activity, reflecting the calm of their uncle.

Generally speaking, Damian is a generous and conscientious uncle who provides the highest of care and encourages any child he comes in contact with to achieve in whichever activity they undertake, whether this is structured or unstructured.  He continually provides positive and quiet feedback and supervision whilst being totally engaged with the child in his care.

Debbie Jones

Dip Teach; B.Ed


To Whom it May Concern,

Gary and Elena Richards

We are writing a Character Reference for Damian Lissington to whom we have known since 2008 mainly fixing our Computers, both of us were and are very happy with Damian’s professionalism when called.

Damian would look after his niece and bring her to our Computer consultations, it was Elena who noticed and pointed it out to myself how caring and responsible with her when in his care, so much so we got to meet her a lot.

We still use Damian for our Computer Issues , we would have no Problem Recommending “SuperUncle Damian” to look after a child.

Yours Truly

Gary and Elena Richards


I have known Damian for many years .He visited our home on lots of occasions to sort out problems with my computer.

Most times he came he had his niece with him who he was looking after. She was very young and he was very capable of looking after her and conscious of her safety and keeping her amused with an iPad while he worked.

He was very attentive to her needs and it was obvious the little girl adored Damian.

He was organised and had snacks and drinks with him for her.

I would have no problems having Damian looking after my children if they
were young and would recommend him as a great Super Uncle.

Joyce Porter


To whom it may concern

I have known Damian Lissington for the past 14 years. During this time, Damian has proven to be a kind and caring man who always has the children’s best interests at heart. I have watched him interact with his nieces and my daughters over the past 14 years at their dance classes, he is hands on and attentive to their needs.

I highly recommend Damian as a carer. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Kind regards

Tracy Talma
11 Blair Grove
Kinross 6028



I have known Damian Lissington since 1996.

I have known him in a working capacity whereby he used to help us with our software and hardware projects for a business we had.

During that time he was always helping out his family and looking after all his nieces and nephews whenever he was needed. He is very comfortable and caring with children.

I have always found Damian to be totally reliable and trustworthy and good in a crisis if required.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any job or venture he sets his sights on.

Yours sincerely

Jacqueline Buckwell
Ex Managing Director


To whom it may concern

I am pleased to have the opportunity to lend my support to my young friend Damian Lissington.

I have known Damian for a number of years, firstly to use his talent at fixing my many computer errors and later to plan his future career directions. I had noticed that Damian was accompanied by his young niece with whom he had a wonderful understanding and relationship based on love for each other. Damian had willingly taken on the role of guardian for his young niece and at the same time he was able to manage the planning of his future projects.

Damian is a quietly spoken young man with a happy disposition, who understands completely both the rewards and the strict requirements of working with young children.

Both Judith (my wife) and I would be delighted to leave our Grandchildren in his care knowing they were able to be well looked after.

Michael Jordan MA (Hons) (DipEd)


To Whom It May Concern:

Character Reference For Damian Lissington.

Damian at Super Nerd was our computer expert for many years, ( until we
moved here to the Gold Coast),Damian visited our home office every time we
had a tech concern with one of our computers,( even to just help us out with
the workings of the new computers, which he set up from day one),

We ran a home based business at the time, at times it was 7 days so we
relied on our computers to be in good working order.

Damian was always very reliable, totally professional, friendly, and always
on time, Damian was always dedicated in what he was doing, often he would
work after hours and never leave our office until the problem was repaired.

We were always very satisfied with Damian’s work ethics.

I am very happy for Damian to pass on my mobile phone number.

Alan Harding
Gold Coast, Queensland.
Mobile: 0419 307 811


To Whom It May Concern

Damian is known to us through his computing expertise as the Super Nerd. We have used his computer services for a number of years and always found him to be reliable, friendly and very efficient in satisfying any computer related issues.

Damian provides prompt service with honest feedback on resolution matters.

We have no hesitation in recommending Damian.

Geoff and Jill Scoffern



I have known Damian Lissington for about 10 years through his computer services to me as Super Nerd. He has visited my home on numerous occasions and has always proved to be honest, reliable and well-mannered. I have always felt comfortable for him to be in my home.

On several occasions, he was accompanied by his little niece, for whom he was caring at the time. From my observations of him at these times, he appeared to be a good uncle, looking after the physical, mental and emotional needs of the little girl in a sensible and healthy manner.

From my experience of him, I feel that I can recommend Damian as a trustworthy person.

Janet Bruce
24 Kylena Glade
Tel: 9300 4345


I first met Damian some years ago when he had his own computing business. I always found him to be prompt and of a pleasant demeanour. At times he would arrive with his young nephew or niece and I was amazed at how he took on that role as well. He was attentive to their needs as well as the computer issue at hand. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for a role in working with children.

Valerie Davis.
1 Fell Place,
Wembley Downs.6019.



This is to verify that I have known Damian Lissington for approximately eight or nine years.

In that time he came to my home many times to attend to my computer through his Super Nerd business. He often brought his little niece, when he had been responsible for baby sitting her. They were both comfortable with each other.

Judith Rossi



Damian has been my computer technician for about 12 years.

In the early years he would bring his very young  nieces  (2-5 years old) with him.

Damian was caring but firm with them, giving his expectations and re-directing if they did not comply.    The girls enjoyed being with him and responded well to his requests.

I offer my best wishes to Damian with his  “Super Uncle”  business.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Stacey                                      22 November  2018


Damian Lissington
Super Uncle

November 2018


To Whom It May Concern

We wish to provide the following reference:

We have known and utilised Damian Lissington Super Nerd computers services for over 10 years. We have always found him to be extremely reliable, very professional, who has always displays a quiet and patience manner.

Over the years we have observed Damian on many occasions providing babysitting of his nieces and have seen the interaction that he provided.

We have no hesitation in our recommendation in any of Damian’s services, including his child minding service.

Kind regards,

Kim and Geoff O’Bree
Pearsall 6065
Ph: 94046737


Phone:  0414 955 350
Email: cornwell@iinet.net.au


It is with pleasure I write this character reference for Damian Lissington – the Super Uncle.

Damian, in his capacity as Super Nerd, supported me in my bookkeeping business as well as those of some of my clients.   During the many years I have known Damian he was always reliable, polite, honest and a pleasure to deal with.

I have always found Damian to be extremely personable and would help me personally whenever he could and went beyond what was expected of an IT Specialist.   On occasion when it was necessary for Damian to bring his nieces with him to my home he treated them and my home with the utmost of respect.  His nieces were a credit to him, they were well behaved and most of all happy and content even in a stranger’s home.   He is a loving and caring uncle and I believe that this career choice is a wise decision on Damian’s part as he is a loving, caring person who cares for young and old alike.

Damian, I wish you nothing but success and happiness.

Carole Cornwell – retired
Cornwell Bookkeeping Services


To whom it may concern

RE Damian Lissington

I have known Damian & used Damian for probably around 15 years or so (from memory), to solve our computer problems. He has always done a good job, & he has always been friendly & reliable. I recommend him to help solve all computer problems.

Kip Grieve


Reference for Damian Lissington. Dated Sunday 25th November, 2018

To whom it may concern.

I have been in association with Damian Lissington over a period of about 8 – 10 years. During that time he has attended to all my difficulties with my computer.

He has always made himself available and been punctual in attendance, and professional in his work. Nothing has been too much trouble to him and I have come to value his experience and knowledge.

On occasion he has done the double duty of Babysitting for his young nieces, and has managed this with quiet and controlled small children with him while has attended to my computering needs.

My observation of his behaviour with his nieces is that he has a good relationship with them, and that they are comfortable in his role. There has never been any disruption to him while doing this dual role. The children have been quiet, and happy and very content to be with him. They have been trusting of him and relaxed and well occupied.

My observations have been that there has been a very peaceful and accepting role of Niece and Uncle between Damian and his small charges.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs L. Barnett.
Former JP. WA.
0417 255 352


I have known Damian Lissington for 15years first as the Super Nerd who fixed my computer and still does, also we have become great friends over the years.  He has been to my home with his nieces who he looked after on many occasions.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as Super Uncle to look after any child, as he is fantastic with children and they adore him which I have seen with his nieces.

He is also very reliable, honest and caring, which is what is most important.

20/11/18                                         Margaret Bradley


To whom it may concern.

I have known Damian Lissington for ten plus years.

Damian has been my computer expert sorting out my computer problems as “Super Nerd” in all that time and I have been very happy with his service & polite manner.

On occasions he has brought his niece with him which as grandparents of thirteen we are happy with as the child was a pleasure to have in our home.

Ed Pyne
27 Barranjoey Way


To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Damian Lissington for over 10 years. I first met Damian via a friend’s recommendation when I required my computer to be repaired. During this time, Damian has always been very reliable, punctual and friendly. He is always willing to come to my home any time of the day/night to rectify a problem.

During many of his visits, Damian would bring his young niece with him while fixing our computer. She was always very excited to be with her Uncle, with him ensuring she was always happy. Damian’s new Super Uncle business seemed like a natural transition after witnessing how good he is with children.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Damian to any new prospective client wanting to use his services in either of his businesses.

Kind Regards,

Emmi Richards
Operations Manager
p: +61 8 9249 8744
f: +61 8 9249 8755
e: operations@ccequipment.com.au


To Whom It May Concern

I know Damian Lissington for more ten years now from when I started using his Super Nerd services to install new computers and network at our office.

I can honestly say that he is honest, efficient, creative and professional at all times when I asked him to solve our computers.

Damian is calm and gentle of nature and is always ready and happy to help, even when he is too busy and try to get out of his way to help someone.

When I booked Damian one day to fix the computer he asked me if he could bring his niece with him and if I had any problems with it, obviously I said no problem bring her with you.

I was amazed how he dealt with looking after his niece and at the same time serviced our computers, he even made time to organise a bowl of fresh fruit and a yummy drink for his niece.

This was such a refreshing experience for me that I told Damian that he don’t have to ask anymore and just bring her in, it was a pleasure to watch. (something else to look at than a computer screen)

If you are after a person you can trust your kids too than Damian the Super Uncle is the person to ring.

I have no hesitation in recommending Damian’s services.

He makes the best SUPER UNCLE in the state.

Kind regards,

Peter Kluvers | Director – Carpets and Floors at Yours Unit 2 – 6 Chullora Bend, Jandakot WA 6164  |  T  (08) 9417 9487  |  F  (08) 9417 4555 W  www.carpetsatyours.com.au  |  E  p.kluvers@carpetsatyours.com.au  |  M  0421 873 903


28 November 2018


I first met Damian when both my husband and I encountered problems with our computers.  Over the past 15 years we have had to get help from him on many occasions, possibly 2 or 3 times a year.

Whenever Damian arrived he would always be accompanied by one of his young nieces, as he was caring daily for them while their mothers were at work.  We were always impressed by his patience and expertise in dealing with the young girls, from changing nappies and toileting to being prepared with bottles and snacks when required.

Damian always projects a very calming attitude and when he mentioned he was thinking of venturing into childcare, it seemed to me to be the very career path that he should undertake.

He is a very dependable person and I have no hesitation in recommending him in this field.  He is also, of course, a very capable person in dealing with computer problems.

Judy Foster
Mob:  0419473009


Bruce Foy
36 Lovegrove Way
Morley 6062
Tel 08 9275 0628

To whom it may concern

I have known Damian for over six years, when a friend recommended him to me after I had a bad experience with a purchase of a new computer that I required for Video editing. I soon realized that I was dealing now with a very knowledgeable and honest person who recognized what I needed.

Over the years I have recommended Damian to my friends who are very pleased with his ability to solve their computer problems in a courteous and helpful manner.

When servicing my computer call outs, Damian usually had in his care his young niece, which you could not help but notice the care and affection he took in looking after her and the way she responded to him, so it was no surprise to me when he decided to start a child minding service.

I would recommend Damian to anyone requiring his service’s, he would be most proficient in whatever venture he decides on.


I have known Damian for over six years now, always been very reliable when it came to keeping an appointment to fix my computer, on some occasions he would bring with him his niece and was able to work on my computer and look after her at the same time, super work for super nerd.

Chris Blowers


Sharyn McShane
18 Bindaree Terrace
Kingsley WA 6026

6th December 2018

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Damian Lissington for the past ten years, during which time he has serviced and maintained my home computer whenever needed. As I am a Primary School Teacher his services and expertise are invaluable.

Damian is a quiet and unassuming IT specialist. His fees are consistent and fair.  Damian often cared for his young niece and would bring her along to ensure he kept his appointments.

I cannot recommend Damian highly enough as he has always been respectful, punctual and reliable. I hope to continue using his excellent service in the future.

Kind Regards,

Sharyn McShane
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies)


I have known Damian Lissington  for almost 9 years through his Super Nerd Computer Repairs business.

Damian has always been efficient, courteous, and competent. His fees are extremely reasonable .

I have required Damian’s assistance on several occasions, to repair the computer, and occasionally he brings his niece with him.

He has a very patient and caring way with people.

I would not hesitate to recommend Damian to anyone, and wish him well in any future ventures.

Jill Anstey


B Gould
10 Boulton Street
Phone (08) 9271 1575
Email ; BTG008@bigpond.com


To Whom It May Concern

I have engaged the services of Damian Lissington in my Business for the past 10 years

His work output has been of a very High Standard

Damian is adaptable, innovative and displays a high level of problem solving capacity

On a Personal Level Damian is Courteous,  Honest and of High Estimable Character

I have no hesitation in recommending Damian LISSINGTON to any Emloyer who may wish to utilise his Services

B Gould  CPA





We have known Damian Lissington for for over 10 years who was recommended by my parents friend.    He looked after all our immediate family and extended families computer requirements during this period.    Each time he visited us he always brought one or two of his nieces from the time they were babies and we watched them grow up beautifully, enjoying every minute they could with their Uncle Damian.  He was a wonderful uncle to them and we noticed how caring he was too.

Damian is very reliable and always willing to go out of his way to help us with our computer needs.  I would also like to mention that I have no hesitation in recommeding Damian to look after children.

If you need any further information.please contact me on 0410523173.

Cynthia  and Jim Mathew


To Whom it May Concern:

I am please to write this Character Reference on behalf of Mr Damian Lissington.

I have had the privilege of knowing Damian for over twelve (12) years.

During this time, Damian has visited my home to assist with Computer Issues that occurred during this period.

On several occasions, Damian would bring his young niece with him who absolutely dotted on him.

You could see from the first time we met that Damian had such a natural report with her, and she was always well behaved and it was a testament to Damian and his natural kind manner that such a real connection existed between them.

I would have no concerns with Damian now pursuing a Child Minding Business.

He is a genuine man with a calming manner, a first rate man with sincere kindness.

Should you require any further information, I would be more than happy to talk with you

Yours Sincerely,

Gerry MacBride (0451 234 647)


I first met Damian over 12 years ago when my son went to England and I had

no-one to fix my computer!!  When Damian turned up he not only reminded me

of my son, but he was so extremely patient and understanding with two very

senior members of the community who were completely “computer illiterate”.

No matter what time I contacted Damian he would always come to fix the

problem if not that day then without fail the following day.


A few years ago Damian took on the task of looking after his young niece,

full-time and therefore she accompanied him on his computer

call-outs.  Never did I hear her say she was bored or wanted to do something

else but quietly sat either with Damian at the computer or having a drink

and biscuit with me.  She was about 3(?) at the time, and was so well

behaved that I really wasn’t aware she was around, and when asked if she

would like a drink and biscuit  would always said “yes please”,  sit on a

chair whilst eating and drinking, and when finished looked to have her hands

wiped.   I couldn’t help thinking how lovely it was to see such a well

behaved little child, all of which was very much down to the love and

attention she was given by Damian, and I’m sure in between computer

call-outs he would have found interesting things for her to do.  He also

attended dance competitions – sometimes over East – that another niece was

involved in – how many uncles do that I wonder?


Damian has talked about how he so enjoys looking after young children and of

the places they would go and the games they would play, and it was obvious

from the enthusiasm in his voice how involved he would be with his charges.

Although obviously very knowledgeable in today’s world of computers, games

etc. his main objective is to get anyone in his care out of doors in the

fresh air, and not staring at a computer screen all day.

I wish Damian all the very best with his Super Uncle venture and am sure

that any child left in his care will be treated with love and kindness

whilst having their time filled with fun and games, and at the same time

being taught how to deal with right and wrong.


Good luck Damian – Sheila Downton


Hi Damian,

You asked if we would provide you with a letter of support for your proposed venture
into the area of child-minding. I did give you an indication that I would do so
… but, on reflection, I have come to the conclusion that there would be a
distinct absence of sincerity on my part if I were to provide you with such a
letter. There are a couple of reasons for reaching these conclusions…. (i)
I am quite concerned that you would be entering a field of endeavour that would be
fraught with pit-falls and hazards associated with dealing with children. We are
all aware of the massive volume of accusations that have been put forward in recent
years in the matter of adults associating themselves with children. So often
accusations are made against adults….. the accusations inevitably become matters
of public alarm. Police become involved and very often the target adult
becomes the victim, which seems to be the sole objective of that amorphous body
of faceless people known collectively as the ‘Me Too..’ movement. The
penalties for any perceived breach of new child-minding principles are necessarily
pitched to reflect the newly established levels of indignation and public outrage
(ii) The other matter of concern would be that you may need a measure of
formalised training to give some authenticity to your proposed activities. Our
‘experience’ of your child-rearing skills were limited to a few occasions when you
visited us to assist with our computer difficulties and you had your Sister’s kids
in tow. The kids seemed to have an expectation that a full run of the house
would be available to them along with light snacks and occasional gentle supervision
until the computer work was completed.

So, Damian, I will decline to provide you with a letter of support for the type of
activity that you are proposing. Get a better activity to pursue …. you’ve
got excellent computer skills and no doubt other attributes that could be put to
use. Looking after other peoples kids (outside of your own family) would seem to
be a perilous way to go forward for a young man with recognisable abilities.

Regards Mike Howieson.


To whom it may concern,

Please be advised that I have known Damian Lissington for over a decade. Over that time I have had manifold business dealings with Damian & have been always impressed with his honesty, diligence, intellect & acumen. I was further impressed over the last few years when Damian invariably arrived accompanied by his young niece who unfortunately was separated from her mother @ the time…Damian displayed avuncular affection & care for his little charge which was so apparently reciprocal. I have no hesitation in recommending Damian as a caring & conscientious guardian of children.

Robert W Nelson


To whom it may concern

I have used Damian’s services for 8+ years. His efficient reliable skillset has always resolved my technical issues. In addition the cost is always more than competitive compared to other technicians.

On the majority of visits he was accompanied by his niece whom in the early days was only 1 year old. Damian showed great care & was totally at ease with someone so young. Likewise his niece was relaxed & comfortable in his care.

Damian will always be my first port of call to resolve computer related issues.

Stuart Johnson



To whom it may concern.

I have known Damian Lissington for over 12 years. He has looked after my computer requirements in a very efficient and professional manner. Damian is very proud of the service he provides and his attitude reflects this.

On a number of occasions he combined babysitting duties with his computer work. He looked after his pre-school niece at our home, setting her up alongside him so he could supervise her and still carry on with his work.

I have no hesitation in recommending Damian as a person whose honesty and integrity is beyond question.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Mazzella


To Whom It May Concern

I have known Damian Lissington for about 15 years when we first used his Super Nerd services to repair our home computer.

He was always on time, very efficient and very patient in explaining what was wrong and how to rectify the issues.

There were times when he would bring his niece along as he was on babysitting duties and I was very impressed with how caring and patient he was with her.

I have recommended him to friends and family for his Super Nerd service and seeing how good he was with his niece I would have no hesitation in recommending his Super Uncle or Super Nerd services in the future.

Sandy Cetinich
Travel Consultant
1/222 Herbert Street
Doubleview 6018


December 27th 2018

To whom it may concern

I have known Damian Lissington for about 10 years. As Super Nerd his computer knowledge is tremendous. I have used his computing services many times and found him to be very reliable, honest and punctual. Sometimes he would bring along his little niece who he was caring for.

He was a good and caring uncle for his niece and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a Super Uncle

Don Vickers
Retired Music Teacher


Dad’s Landing Pad Inc.
EST 1999
P.O.BOX 4037 Beldon WA 6027
PH:   08 94033217
FAX: 08 94033218
EMAIL: dadslandingpad@optusnet.com.au
A.B.N. 42318011694
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31st December 2018

To whom it may concern,

I have known Damian Lissington for approximately 15 years, as he has assisted our office in the upgrade of computers, technological equipment and other office equipment to keep our business going.

I have found Damian to be of good character, honest, reliable and he is always spoken well in front of staff and clientele whilst he has been here. On a few of the occasions that he has been here, he has been with his nieces and nephews, who are well behaved and interacted with any other children at the time.

Damian always spoke politely and was authoritative if needed to be, I am confident that Damian interacts well around children and is well conversed with the nature of children and their many needs.

We are a child focused business, so it is imperative that any person attending our premises, whether it be for business or advice, we are conscious that they are safe to be around children and with that in mind, I can confidently say that Damian is very well experienced with children and is respectful for their needs.

If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the phone numbers listed above.

Ray Thompson

DLP Inc!


David Money

19 Fleetwing Heights
Ocean Reef WA 6027

3 January 2019


This letter is to confirm that I have known Damian Lissington for approximately fifteen (15) years in a professional sense. He has worked on my computers and printers installing software and fixing problems as they occurred.

I have found him to be very trustworthy and reliable. He has always made every effort to accommodate my requests, no matter how trivial. On the occasional visit he was accompanied by his young nieces, as they were under his care at the time. I have found his professionalism very refreshing – he is open and honest. I have been able to trust his judgement, as his technical suggestions have been “spot on”.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Damian for any position he may be seeking. I can be contacted on 0400 217 548.


David Money
Senior Project Manager


Damian has been a wonderful help with our computers over many years. It has been lovely to watch Damian grow from an awkward young adult to a confident and mature man.

He impressed me with his passion for whatever he does.

Damian often came to us to assist with technical and hardware concerns bringing his young nieces. Just picked up from gymnastics or off to Irish dancing! What a loving and kind uncle, I thought!!

It was easy to see the rapport and love he had for them and their love for him!

All the very best Damian. You will do well in life and undoubtedly make a dependable and super-nanny! Highly recommended!

God bless.

Mary K


14th January 2019

Re; Damian Lissington

To whom it may concern

Having known Damian for a period of approximately 15 years, I feel confident in recommending him to others as a trustworthy, honest and reliable person.

I note that he is very good with young children and often brought his young niece along with him whilst he carried out IT work at my home or office.

Damian is a genuine and caring person who I would highly recommend.

Kind Regards

John Kemsley

Managing Director
Platinum Realty Group


Citrus Hairdressing
08 9201 2911
08 9201 2811
Shop 2, 1 Scarborough Beach Road
(Cnr of Charles St.)
North Perth 6008
Western Australia

To whom it may concern,

I have known Damian for 6 years he has been to my house numerous of times to help me with my computer, every time he has come over he has brought his niece with him or a friends daughter. I noticed him to be very dedicated to the children putting them first at all times. I admire how he would come to do work for me and bring a child with him and always make sure that they were safe and in a good environment before commencing any work. I also noticed that the children would always gravitate to him as he is a very patient and caring gentleman.

Damian has also been to my salon a couple of times with a couple of children that he was looking after and I noticed that they were happy and secure with him. In summary Damian is a very responsible and caring gentleman.


Bruno Pesce




I have known Damian (Through his computer service and repair occupation) for around four or more years.

His computer knowledge appears to be quite wide and during this time he has updated our system-twice-to Windows 7 then to 10 – and has assisted our Daughter in updating her computer also.

I consider him to be reasonable in pricing, and very attentive to the work at hand. He generally completes the job in good time. He is quite helpful in answering and computer type questions that you may have.

I would mention that on two or three occasions he had a two to three year old toddler with him who played with some toys whilst he worked, and appeared quite content. He mentioned that she was a niece of his.

Jeffrey WHITE – Karrinyup W.A.


February 24, 2019

We have been dealing with Damian Lissington for about 15 years.

Over this time we have called Damian to fix our home and in store computers.

We have always been able to rely on Damian for an immediate response.

On every occasion Damian has been able to fix the problem.

In recent years, Damian has bought his niece with him to our house while he works. Isla is a very sweet girl and is happy to play on her own, and will sometimes play with our young son.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Damian to others.


Elke English
Owner – Boost Juice Mandurah, ECU, Joondalup & Ocean Keys