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2020 Public Holiday & Charity Events



Wednesday 1st New Years Day

Sunday 26th Australia Day

Monday 27th Australia Day Public Holiday



Tuesday 3rd School Term 1 Starts

Saturday 22nd Rottnest Channel Swim



Monday 2nd Labour Day

Wednesday 11th – Sunday 15th World’s Greatest ShaveLeukaemia Foundation



Wednesday 1st – Sunday 5th (date to be confirmed)  National Advance Care Planning Week

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 30th Adenomyosis Awareness Month

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 30th Leo Club Awareness Month

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 30th Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 30th Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 30th Adopt a Greyhound Month

Thursday 2nd (date to be confirmed) Go Blue for Autism

Thursday 2nd (date to be confirmed) World Autism Awareness Day

Friday 3rd (date to be confirmed) Be alarmed! Change your smoke alarm battery

Saturday 4th International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

Saturday 4th (date to be confirmed) World Stray Animals Day

Sunday 5th (date to be confirmed) Walk To Work Day

Monday 6th – Friday 8th May (date to be confirmed) White Shirt Day

Tuesday 7th Day of Rememberance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide

Tuesday 7th (date to be confirmed) Run for the Kids

Tuesday 7th (date to be confirmed) World Health Day

Tuesday 7th – Monday 13th (date to be confirmed) World Allergy Week

Wednesday 8th – Tuesday 14th (date to be confirmed) Meet Us On the Street: Anti-Street Harassment Week

Wednesday 8th – Tuesday 14th (date to be confirmed) Kidney Health Week

Wednesday 8th – Thursday 16th Passover

Thursday 9th School Term 1 Ends

Thursday 9th (date to be confirmed) Riot Grrrl Day

Friday 10th Good Friday

Friday 10th Good Friday Appeal

Saturday 11th Easter Saturday

Saturday 11th (date to be confirmed) World Parkinson’s Day

Sunday 12th Easter Sunday

Sunday 12th International Day of Human Space Flight

Monday 13th Easter Monday

Monday 13th (date to be confirmed) Wear Green for Premmies

Monday 13th (date to be confirmed) Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day

Tuesday 14th Easter Tuesday

Tuesday 14th Baisakhi – Sikh

Wednesday 15th – Tuesday 21st (date to be confirmed) World Creativity & Innovation Week

Thursday 16th National LSVRO Prevention Awaress Day

Friday 17th (date to be confirmed) Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD)

Friday 17th World Haemophilia Day

Friday 17th – Tuesday 28th (date to be confirmed) Nature Play Week

Saturday 18th World Heritage Day

Wednesday 22nd International Mother Earth Day

Wednesday 22nd Earth Day

Thursday 23rd World Book and Copyright Day

Thursday 23rd – Saturday 23rd May Ramadan – Islam

Friday 24th World YWCA Day

Saturday 25th ANZAC Day

Saturday 25th World Malaria Day

Saturday 25th World Penguin Day

Sunday 26th World Intellectual Property Day

Monday 27th ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 28th School Term 2 Starts

Tuesday 28th Pay it Forward Day

Tuesday 28th World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Tuesday 28th – Monday 4th May (date to be confirmed) Heart Week

Wednesday 29th International Guide Dog Day

Wednesday 29th – Tuesday 5th May (date to be confirmed) Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Thursday 30th (date to be confirmed) Email Debt Forgiveness Day

Thursday 30th International Jazz Day





Monday 1st Western Australia Day



Friday 3rd School Term 2 Ends

Monday 20th School Term 3 Starts





Friday 25th School Term 3 Ends

Monday 28th Queen’s Birthday



Monday 12th School Term 4 Starts



Sunday 1st – Monday 30th Movember – Movember Foundation



Thursday 17th School Term 4 Ends

Friday 25th Christmas Day

Monday 28th