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January 14, 2017

Thanks for your email Damian
However This is not quite what we are looking for. Wishing your business every success so great to see a positive male influence on young people in our village.
Regards Jodie


January 15, 2017

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you this position.


January 16, 2017

Hi Damien! Thanks for your interest in the job posting. We have actually JUST employed someone, but I will definitely keep your booklet on hand (SO great!) for future use! Thanks! Esmarie


January 16, 2017

Hi Damian Thanks for your interest. I looked through the presentation booklet, which suggests a family day care arrangement? No? We are looking for someone to provide care in our home as well as help with light duties and cooking. kind Regards Rachel


January 19, 2017

Hi Damian, Thanks for your interest in the job. Unfortunately it has been filled. I did have a look at your web site and keep your details. Good luck! Beatrice


January 24, 2017

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you this position.


January 24, 2017

Hi Damian Your booklet is great! I’ll keep you on my shortlist as I’d like a male sitter for the kids. Thanks Jane 🙂


January 24, 2017

Hello Damian Thanks for contacting us. I have already shortlisted for the position. regards Morgen


January 25, 2017

Hi Damian,
Thanks for your message. I’ve had a look at your website and am interested in meeting you.
Are you available Sunday morning or Monday evening to come over?


January 25, 2017

Thank you. I will be going over the list of people who have sent through information over the next few days.


January 26, 2017

Thank you for your interest Damian however we have found another nanny at this point. If we require it we will contact you.
Kind regards


February 3, 2017

Hi Damian

I would be interested to meet you if you are available during the requested dates.
Please contact me to set a meeting together
My children are 6 and 9.



February 4, 2017

Hi Damian, I have two little girls so would prefer a female. Thank you for your email. Lauren


February 8, 2017

Hi Damian just wondering what part of Perth you are based in for babysitting thanks


February 9, 2017

Hi Damian we are NOR in Kingsley, do you have WWC check and police clearance? Also what is your hourly rate please for babysitting? Thanks ?

Ok great thanks Damian are you available weekends? I am more looking for more of a regular big brother type thing for my 4yo son he doesn’t really have any constant male role models in his life and I think he needs it so looking at my options even if I have to pay ?


February 11, 2017

Hi Damian thank you but the dad wants a girl ?


February 12, 2017

Hi Damian This looks amazing! However we have actually sorted the girls out now. Thank you so much , I will pass this on to any friends needing help if you don’t mind though


February 14, 2017

Saw ur add for super uncle?

What suburb are u in?

I was hoping you were closer as we would use your child minding services


February 15, 2017

Hi Damien, I saw your Super Uncle page last night. I have two little ones, 3 year old girl and 1 year old boy. I’m looking at getting an evening job, off to an interview in an hour (fingers crossed) I have a question for you, would you be able to watch my two for a couple hours between 5 and 7 on the nights I’d have to work? And maybe on the occasional Saturday? My partner works every 3rd Saturday and he doesn’t get back in the evenings until 6.30/7pm. If so how much would this cost? Thanks Roxy


February 18, 2017

Hi Damian thanks for getting in touch. I think your booklet is great, clearly you have lots of experience and are very professional. I have found someone who is an OT who can provide therapy to my son while babysitting which is such a bonus. Thanks for taking the time to send your info.


February 19, 2017

Hey there Damian …. just read your booklet and very impressed. Well done to you for setting this up. Fantastic idea. Unfortunately I am looking for a live in au pair as it tends to help me out around the house and also with having someone here at night should I ever need to rush my kids to the A&E when they get sick after hours you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve been there lol. However I am definitely going to keep your details as I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for some adventures for my kids during school holidays etc …. the only thing is my children are scared of dogs (and yes even the little ones …. infact my 2 year old is terrified of flies ?? and pretty much anything that moves at the moment lol …. your booklet doesn’t provide prices or rates. Can you please advise and also are you able to do casual days?

Thanks heaps for sending your info through


February 21, 2017

Thank you very much! ??


February 23, 2017

Hi Damian, thanks for getting back to me. Your booklet looks great and I will definitely discuss with my husband. Can you give me a guide for the cost for three days a week care for two children (2.5 and 9 months) so I can weigh up the options. Thanks Erin


February 23, 2017

Hi Damien, Do you do the care in our homes and would you be available from 7-8.30 and 2.45-4.30 on a tues,wed and thurs ? Thanks Lindsay


March 16, 2017

Thank you for your message Damian, I will have a look. Clara


March 16, 2017

Hi Damian, we’ve just filled the position. All the best.


March 16, 2017

Sorry not what we are looking for


March 17, 2017

Hi Damien, The position is a live out nanny. I would need someone full time and available for flexible hours changing week to week. Further the care would have to be at our home don’t know if this would be suitable looking at your many services that you provide. Thanks, Carley

PS like the Supper Uncle branding!!


March 19 , 2017

Hi Damian thanks for the info, looks awesome but I’ve found someone already. Thanks


March 20, 2017

Hi Damian Thanks for your reply. I am interviewing 6 candidates tomorrow and don’t have time to see any more. Should none of them prove suitable I will be in contact Regards Lara


March 22, 2017

Hi Damian thanks so much for your interest . while your resume & presentation looks great , we had to choose and decided on a suitable nanny for our visit. thank you again and all the best, Mariska


March 27, 2017

Hi Damian your service sounds great. Thank you for the info. I am looking for drop offs for my children everyday to daycare as I need to leave for work at 6am and they need to be dropped for 7am so how much would that be for the week?


March 31, 2017

Hi Damian, Thank you so much for your interest in the job posted. We have had a change of plans and will now no longer require a babysitter for the dates stated. I appreciate your time! Regards Sarah


April 6, 2017

Thanks Damian I have managed to find someone but will keep you in mind in the future. Thanks for making contact. ?


April 14, 2017

Hi thank you for your interest but we have an au pair, we will keep you in mind if we need another person


April 15, 2017

How much do you charge for example caring for two girls before school from 6am till 8am and dropping one to school and pick up after school looking after two until 4pm


April 20, 2017

Hi. Thanks for this. I’d require full day care for my daughter 5 days a week from 8-17:30 and my son Monday Wednesday and Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays he’s at daycare so would require drop off and pick up. We’re based in Yokine. What would your fee be for this? My son is 3.5 and daughter 11 months. How many kids do you look after at a time?


April 21, 2017

Hi Damian! Thanks for your message – which area do you live in? Can I call you to discuss? What’s your number? Thanks

Thanks Damian, I’m in UWA / claremont it’s very far and don’t think it will be suitable however my sister lives in Darch I will fwd your details to her in case she needs a babysitter. Thank you


April 21, 2017

Sorry I can’t have a guy but thank you


April 24, 2017

Sorry Damian, I have now found someone. Thanks for applying.


April 25, 2017

Hi Thanks but we’ve just found someone! Gluck, Kym


April 27, 2017

Hi Damian, thank you but I’m looking for a female au pair. ?


April 28, 2017

So sorry but i am looking for a female


May 1, 2017

Wow that’s impressive…may I ask your age please Damian?

I completely respect your enthusiasm and passion, but we are looking at a younger person for this position. Good luck in your endeavors. Regards Mel


May 7, 2017

Thanks Damian, I’ll have a look. Cheers ?


May 9, 2017

Hi Damian. Thanks for applying for the role – we have filled the position with a local network and so it is no longer available. I appreciate your interest and good luck with your job search. Sarah


May 10, 2017

Thankyou Damien I will take a look and get back to you kind regards Ange


May 10, 2017

Hi Damian.
Thankyou for your message.
I’m away in Bali at the moment and home on Saturday. But I’ll sit down at my computer later today and take a look at your profile. ?


May 17, 2017

Hi Damian…thats a very impressive booklet!

This may sound strange, but i’ve never had a male sitter before.

Are you comfortable caring for 2 young girls…especially an infant?

Sorry – i re-read my post and i sounded a bit rude, not my intention. As you can appreciate my kids are precious so im just trying to find someone suitable at such late notice.

my next question would be… are you available? we are located in bibra lake.


June 10, 2017

Hi Damian, We have filled the position.Thanks


June 10, 2017

Hi Damian, thank you for your interest. I have already made arrangements. Unfortunately the site I advertised on just published my post a few days ago and I actuaaly posted it 3 weeks ago now.


June 10, 2017

I Damian unfortunately I would prefer a woman aupair, due to husband being away. It’s just us girls in the house.


June 10, 2017

Hey Damian very impressive booklet but sorry i need a live in aupair as i do nightshift ?


June 12, 2017

Hi Damian. Thank you for your message. I am looking for someone to live in with us and look after everything while I work a two weeks on two weeks off roster. I need more than just childcare.


June 15, 2017

Dear Damian Thank you so much for responding to our babysitter advertisement. We received an overwhelming number of applications and have decided to go with a carer whose experience more closely suits the needs of the role. With thanks and best wishes for your work endeavours. Catherine


June 28, 2017

Sorry no male applications


July 15, 2017

Hi Damian hoe much eoukd we be looking at for a saturday and what hours i would be needing from 8.30 in morning till at least 2.30?? I do love the idea of suoer uncle and my husband and i comment that there was definatly miney to be made if there was a daycare that offered weekends.

I am interested. Where abouts are you located and also you can pretty much garentee your available to care every saturday due to being an actual business??


July 22, 2017

Your service looks amazing!! Well done on a very well thoughtout plan and being a super uncle! Im in need of a live in au pair/demi pair.. but thanks for the info! Keep up the great work ??


July 26, 2017

Hi, I’m good. I have another twin mum who is coming to help me


July 27, 2017

Hi Damian, thanks for getting in touch! Just to understand – how many kids do you look after generally at a given time? And do you look after them in our house or in another location? And what exactly is the fee structure? Thanks! Siobhan


July 28, 2017

Thankyou I will check you out


August 2, 2017

Hello , wana know more about this service

Where , when , who , how everything .

I am really concerned for my daughter …. i cnt put her in a childcare due to my own heavy fee every month .

I ll be grateful to you if you can be of any help at all .


August 7, 2017

Sorry we require a female for the position as it’s 2 girls , all the best


August 8, 2017

Position is gone. Thx


August 8, 2017

Hi Damian! How much do you charge?

I’m looking for care from 7am to 4pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.


August 9, 2017

Hi Damian, sorry to say we prefer a female aupair, thanks for your time, Vanessa


August 10, 2017

Hi Thanks for your reply Iv found someone


August 10, 2017

Hi we have already found some help. Thank you


August 11, 2017

Hi Damian. So would demi pair role be something you’re looking for?


August 13, 2017

Thank you Damian I’ll have a read once I have sorted children ?


August 13, 2017

Thank you for contacting me back Damian, May I please ask which suburb do you live in and if you are available all three afternoons?


August 14, 2017

Hi Damian thank you for sending that through. I’ve found someone for now but i’ll keep you in mind. How much do you charge per hour?


August 15, 2017

Hi Damian, Thank you so much for your message. I found a babysitter close to my place. thanks again. Feria


August 17, 2017

Hi Damian Thankyou for getting in touch. I’ll have a little read of your handbook shortly. Are you interested in a live in position as I’ve advertised? I am not at this stage yet ready to pay for live out Au Pair, due to low single income. So really needing this flexibility of a demi for 12hours in exchange for board food etc. Chat soon and thanks again.


August 18, 2017

Hi Damian, thank you for the message – I will reply properly tonight once the kids are down for the night ☺️

Hi Damian, Thank you very much for your booklet – I must say I am impressed with the professional appearance of it and the detail within. I have had a quick look through, but will sit down with my husband on the weekend and have a good look. A few quick questions before we proceed – in my post I mentioned that I am looking for help not only with the kids but also more of a ‘mothers helper’ role where I have someone to assist me with keeping on top of household tasks (ie kids washing, cooking dinner, clean up from dinner, vacuuming, mopping ect) – is this part of what you offer or are you more geared towards minding the children? Thanks, and look forward to your reply, Emma


August 22, 2017

Thanks so much for your application. The position has been filled but I wanted to let you know. 🙂

Warm Regards


August 23, 2017

Hi Damian, I like your info and it’s nice to see someone taking things seriously. Are you off site or in my home? I’m unclear on that from your package. Are there more children being cared for simultaneously or just mine? I also work from home so would be on site simultaneously

Ok thanks for clearing that up. If you could let me know your rates that would be great and I will review with my husband. The position would be from mid Sept as we have someone until then but are losing her to full time placement.

Thanks Damian, all sounds aligned, will collate my shortlist and like to meet with you in the next couple of weeks. Kindly, jaime

Hi Damian, could you please let me know if you are avail this Weds to come and meet with us for 20-30mins as we would like to ask some more questions from some of you. Please let me know if you are free sometime 930-1130 or 3-430. Kindly, jaime


August 26, 2017

Thankyou Damian for the info. Just a few questions, what is your fee? And also I couldn’t quite gather, do you babysit in our home or yours? Thanks heaps

Thanks for that. Yes we are very interested to catch up. Are you far from Baldivis?


August 28, 2017

Sorry we are looking for a girl


August 29, 2017

Hi Damian. You would only get $300 for the week I’m away and would need to stay at my place while I’m away


August 29, 2017

Hi Damian, I’ve just found someone this evening who will be able to help me out. I’ll keep your name for future in case things change. Thanks again for reaching out, your website is extremely impressive and was really insightful. Hannah


August 31, 2017

Hi Damian Thanks for the quick response. You sound ideal. Basically for us to be able to justify/afford to pay a nanny as opposed to childcare we are looking at $15 an hour from 8-12 on fridays. I’m aware unfortunately that this may be a deal breaker for many candidates. What are your rates?


August 31, 2017

Wow Damian – your booklet is very impressive! Thanks


September 3, 2017

Thank you for your interest in this position however it has now been filled.

Kind regards



September 5, 2017

Dear Damian,
Thank you for your interest in the position. We have managed to find another solution for the care of our son. We appreciate your effort and wish you all the best in finding another position.
Best regards


September 5, 2017

Are you a “live in”?

Is this something you are interested in?


September 14, 2017

Thanks Damian! I’ve found somebody but will definitely keep you in mind for another time ?


September 14, 2017

Thank you for sending through your information Damien, however the spot has now been filled.


September 15, 2017

Hi Damian,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! Always great to know someone who knows a friend ? great start!

I’ll take a look at your presentation book! Not sure how my husband would feel about a man helping us out?! ? but I don’t have an issue! Lol

I’ll message you again in the morning ? hope you’re having a great night!


Kathryn ?


September 18, 2017

Hi Damian,
Thanks so much for your email regarding my nanny job. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your resume and certificates and we can go from there. I viewed them on the website but was hoping to just track my replies within my email account.

As mentioned in my advert, I require someone for one full day, but i will just need two full days for the first month or so, commencing late September. Does this suit you?

Look forward to hearing back from you, me and my husband will be going through the applications and hopefully meet with a couple of people on the weekend.



September 19, 2017

Hi we are looking for a live in aupair


September 23, 2017

Thanks Damian for your message and your booklet, very professional. We are looking for someone who can live with us as a demi-pair, so maybe not exactly what you offer but in the case we need your services in the future we would definitely consider you!


September 27, 2017

Dear Damian Thanks for your message. We recently employed someone to look after our children. I hope you find a lovely family to work for. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me. Kind Regards Karina


September 29, 2017

Goodmorning, thank you for your message. I got many replies and sent the info of a few girls to the mom. If things doesn’t work out for one of those girls, I might come back to you. Good luck with finding a job.


September 29, 2017

Hi Damian, thanks for your details. Are you looking for a live in, unpaid position? Kind regards, Cherie


September 29, 2017

Hi Damian. Thanks for your reply. I must say you sound pretty great and fun. I would be keen for you if it was just the boys but hubby not keen since we have baby girl- I can kind of see his point. Sorry. Thanks and good luck.


October 1, 2017

Hi Damian I’m sorry – we are looking for a girl. Good luck. Kate


October 6, 2017

Sorry no female only but thanks


October 6, 2017

Hi Damian Thank you for your interest. We will review your information and get back to you. Regards Natasha


October 8, 2017

Thanks heaps Damian, what’s your hourly rate


October 9, 2017

Thank you for your interest. I am preferring a female au pair due to it being a single parent house hold. I wish you l the best in your search


October 9, 2017

Oh yeah awesome buddy., how much is a full week day flat charge?


October 10, 2017

Hi Damian, thanks for your message. Unfortunately at this stage, we are only looking for females. My hubby is away most of the time and is a bit sensitive to another male spending more time with his kids then him!!!

Best of luck!!!!


October 14, 2017

Hi Damian, thanks for your message but we are looking for a lie in demi pair.



*live in


October 14, 2017

Thanks Damian!! I will let them know and let you know as soon as they say to me something!:)


October 16, 2017

Hi Damian,

Where are you based? Do you come to look after kids in and around their own home? What is the cost? Thanks


October 16, 2017

Hi Damian, I love the idea of super uncle! can you please tell your daily rate if we get you in on an ongoing basis for 2-3 days? Cheers, Natascha


October 16, 2017

Hi Damian, are you still doing child care? I am in Conolly. Tks hellen


October 19, 2017

Thanks Damian, I will have a look


October 22, 2017

Hi Damian, thanks for your message but I’m looking for a female. Sorry.


October 23, 2017

Thanks for the message

I am after someone one hour a day, $20. Most people want more hours so that’s understandable ?


My daughter isn’t too happy with boys and usually cries ha ha

October 26, 2017

Hi Damian, Thank you for your information. We are currently reviewing all expressions of interest and will get back to you if further information is needed. Many thanks, Sian


October 27, 2017

Hi Damian!!
Thanks for your message! I think I may have already found my next aupair!!
Elisabeth ?


November 6, 2017

Hi Damian…
We are in Mandurah and the girls are 16, 15 and 14. We are looking for after school/ overnight care for them… cooking dinner and lunch prep for the following day, and pick ups from work, so I’m not sure that this fits your work profile! ?


November 6, 2017

Hi Damian, thank you for your interest! I am interviewing some nanny’s atm and will get back to you! Cheers


November 10, 2017

Hi Damian Thanks for your message, but at the moment we are looking for a live in au pair. However, I will keep you in mind should I require babysitting in the future.


November 18, 2017

Hi Damian, I don’t think that that will work given the flexibility that this job requires and it’s location. My current nannies live within 15 mins of me and are called upon with very short notice. I really want someone more local. I hope that you find something that suits. Cheers, Helen


January 19, 2018

Hi Damian

Sincere thanks for your interest in our advertised position. I have had significant interest in the role and have already shortlisted those candidates I will be progressing to interview. Unfortunately, on this occasion, your application has not been successful.

Wishing you well in your search for a new nannying job!

Kind regards



January 20, 2018

Hi Damian
I think you probably live a little too far from us.
Thanks for you interest though, and good luck.


January 23, 2018

Hi Damian,

Thanks for your email. I am more looking for a female live in au-pair – sorry!



January 28, 2018

Hi Damian
Thank you for your email. I think we’ve found someone to fit the role. I like your fb page?
I hope you had a lovely long weekend.


February 15, 2018

Hi Damian I was wondering if you would be available for an interview? I have a nearly two-year old that needs care while I work from home, and will be adding a six-month old to the mix in mid June. The position is in Tapping and will be between 8:30 and 1:30 on Tuesdays to Fridays. I look forward to hearing from you Esmarie


March 13, 2018

Hi Damian,

I have just offered another person the position.
Best of luck finding the right role.

Kind regards, Emma


March 16, 2018

Hi Damian,
My apologies for the late reply. We have just moved house.
The nanny position advertised has now been filled.
Kind Regards,


April 14, 2018

Hey Damian!
Thank you so much for responding to my advert so promptly.
So i read your beautiful presentation and was really excited to meet you…we are on the hunt for someone to care for my 3 yr old boy Tuesdays and Wednesdays full day and there may well be school runs too but for now Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Would you be able to help? Also i love the fact that you wrote you can help with poorly kids….my biggest anxiety going back to work is the kids getting poorly of course and then having to drop everything and leave….for me amongst many other reasons, i liked this about you. It shows that you get it and I’m sure your sisters felt exactly the same.
We have one lad in school he is 5 and we were going to put him in after hours club but he hates it.
Here is my dilemma, from maybe November we are headed up to Alkimos Beach so just not sure whether you have other responsibilities of after school care etc further south.

If you would like to meet up i definitely would, Tuesday any good for you??
Thanks Tania


May 7, 2018

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you this position.


October 15, 2018

Hi Damian, Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry. I received many responses and will be trialing someone this Sunday. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll keep your name and address on file so I can contact you for future work if that’s OK. Thanks so much again and best wishes, Katie