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Damian Lissington gratefully acknowledges the following people for their assistance.

“I thank those who initially suggested that I should offer Child Care Services as well as those, who thought it was a great idea for me to follow. You know who you are.

I thank my own family who have entrusted me with their children but also friends who have given the care of their most prized possessions to me for a period whether it be a couple of hours or a whole day.

Thank you to Zina Erasmus the photographer, who provided the photo of Biscuit, my own little prized possession. She can be contacted on 0437 491 387 / zinaerasmusphotography@gmail.com / http://zinaerasmusphotography.com.au

I thank my friends who offered to proof read this brochure and offer their suggestions.

And finally, my thanks to Mary Simpson who kindly offered to help produce this brochure. Mary is a Marriage Celebrant.  I would recommend her for all of your family celebrations requiring celebrant services. She can be contacted on 9403 3770(H) / 0408 221 725(M) / msim100@bigpond.net.au”