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I have always felt that a personal testimonial is a powerful indicator of excellence and when someone takes the time to talk about a positive experience, it can speak volumes.

I would greatly appreciate if you would provide an honest customer testimonial which will give others a sense of the experience and service I offer.

I strive to provide excellence with each and every client, and I sincerely hope that this describes your experience with me. I am happy to receive reasonable criticism, if it improves the service I provide.  I see these as opportunities to improve my future business.

Feel free to email your testimonial to me at damian@superuncle.com.au to share your thoughts on your experiences about my service.

I sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to serving your needs for years to come.

Warmest regards,
Damian Lissington


?? Super Uncle ??

Damian is really good at handling kids, because he has nine nieces and three nephews so he has experience in it. He knows how to manage children when they are angry or upset and shows great passion towards looking after kids.

When his nieces were going to perform there dances on stage he was there on time ready to watch them. He clapped proudly and when the dance teams and individual dances finished. The ribbons and medals where handed out for the teams and individual dances, not all of his nieces came top but he was still proud because of how much effort was put into it.

He also shows great passion towards his nephews he tickles them and chases them round the house because he knows his nephews like it.

He also shows great passion toward me and my brothers he takes us out to the movies, indoor playgrounds and time zone, he doesn’t just sit there he plays with us too. He also takes us to his work and we get to see what he does to the computers at work.

He is a nice guy who also shares his 7 devices he can give you if you are board in the car on the way to the amazing and awesome trips. Like I said he takes you to time zone, playgrounds and other cool places. He also takes us to his work which is pretty amazing.

He always drops us off at the right time he always says “It is rude to be late” which is the right thing to say and do.

Now if you are looking for a vacation care / day care you should come to SUPER UNCLE because it is wonderful fun and you get to go on lots of trips in the car to fun playgrounds and games. Your child is in the right hands because they can meet new friends and Damian has experienced it for a lot he has experienced for about 15-18 years.

MB age: 10


We have known Damian Lissington for approximately 10 years, initially in the capacity of “Super Nerd” and now in the capacity of “Super Uncle”.  Damian has spent many hours at our home initially working on our computer and subsequently stepping in at short notice to look after our 2 children who are 10 and 12.

We find Damian to be trustworthy, dependable and reliable.  Damian is not only available to look after our children, but he will also step up to cook meals for them whenever necessary.

Our kids are comfortable with his company in our home, and I would be happy to use the services of “Super Uncle” at any given time.

June B. – Mullaloo


Damian has been babysitting for my two boys, aged 2 and 5 years, every week since April 2018. He has been consistently professional, punctual and reliable in all his duties with our family. My boys really look forward to their time with Damian and I can always leave for work knowing that they are happy and safe with Damian. I can highly recommend Super Uncle for baby sitting services.

Christie O. – South Perth


Damian has and is an absolute life saver. Firstly Damian is reliable, on time and definitely trust worthy. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending his services to everyone. He looks after my 5 and 3 year old boys regularly and my youngest gets a bottom lip moment when Damian leaves!! The 5 year old said tonight, ‘Damian is such a luverly guy!’ Bless him! We are 1000 of miles from family and Damian definitely acts like the Uncle they don’t have here in Perth. I was sceptical at first as a ‘Manny’ is not conventional but how wrong was I??!!. He is more like a family member now and I don’t know where we would be without him! My work is unpredictable with random early starts constantly and yet nothing is too much trouble, he even cleans up the dishes and lunch boxes without asking and he does a better job than our dishwasher!!! Trust me when i say Damian does exactly what you need, my boys have never been happier….Thank you so much Super Uncle Mr Mrs B and the Crazies xxx

Tania B. – Kallaroo


Damian has cared for my two young children (5 1/2 year old girl & 2 1/2 year old boy) on a regular basis since January 2018. Damian is reliable, always punctual and the kids adore him. Nothing but praise for our Super Uncle!

Mahalia G. – Nedlands


Damian has been babysitting my son, aged 5 years, for 6 months now.  Charlie really looks forward to Damian looking after him.  They have heaps of fun together and connected immediately.  As a single mum I really wanted a male role model in my son’s life and we have definitely found a fantastic role model in Damian.

He is always reliable and punctual.  He loves playing games with Charlie and they have lots of laughs.

Damian is very trustworthy and I can highly recommend his babysitting services.

Thank you Super Uncle

Vanessa B. – Innaloo


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