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The Benefits of Owning a Pet

The Benefits of Pets

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Approximately 80% of Australians have had an animal companion at some time. Pets are also important in a child’s life. They provide enjoyment and can help a child to develop responsibility and how to be gentle with other creatures, while giving the child a sense of comfort, self-esteem, harmony, support and confidence.

There is also increasing evidence that a child who is exposed to pets, is also healthier as the micro organisms found on our pets can help improve immunity. Additionally, a child who has a dog is more likely to be physically active and therefore less prone to weight problems.

A child with a pet, is more likely to show kindness, understanding and respect for other living things. He will be more aware of the need to feed, water, wash, exercise a pet and deal with its health issues and to do this consistently not just when he feel like it, knowing that another living being is dependent on him.

The love a child has for a pet and the love a pet has for its owner is unconditional and we often trust our ‘little friends’ with our secrets and private thoughts.

For a child, pets are often the first exposure to death and the process of grieving.