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Who is Super Uncle?

Who is Super Uncle?

My name is Damian Lissington and I have extensive experience in looking after my twelve nieces and nephews, who range from one to sixteen years, thus enabling my sisters to return to the workplace. I have also been responsible for babysitting young children of friends and acquaintances.

Many of you may have heard of my computer repair business, Super Nerd. On occasion, I have taken my young nieces and nephews with me to my clients’ homes. Many clients have commented that I have a patient and calm aptitude thus ensuring that the young person is nurtured and stimulated with games, drawing and a variety of other age appropriate activities while I solved their computer problems.

During recent years clients frequently mentioned that I had a gift for childminding and spoke to me generally about the problems they were having with the child care industry. This inspired me to start “Super Uncle” to help fill the void which conventional childminding was failing to provide.

Being an uncle has taught me how exciting children can be and what fun, imaginative and creative ideas they can spark. I truly believe that children should have fun first and foremost, while learning and being respectful to others as they continue to grow as individuals. I believe that it is important to teach kids how to be children.

I also have current ‘Police Clearance’ and ‘Working with Children Check.’