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Creating Unique Handmade Urns

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Conscious Clay

A new type of urn unique to Australia has arrived. Conscious Clay is transforming cremated remains (ashes) into beautiful ceramic art pieces. Several years after the passing of my grandfather I created a new type of urn for my parents which not only held a portion of my grandfathers ashes, but also supports the growth of new life in the form of a beautiful peace lily. I believed there must be an alternative to the generic plastic box that we all keep ashes hidden away somewhere in the back of a cupboard, or showcasing traditional cold, metal urns, which can also be a little confronting and morbid to have on the mantle piece day after day. After 2 years of glaze development (using my grandfather’s ashes), and vessel designing, I now have the opportunity to offer a completely new service to those that have lost a loved one, creating family heirlooms which can be passed down through generations. I create wheel-thrown vases, planters, candle holders, and beautiful large decorative plates. I then entwine a measured amount of ashes into a glaze I have specifically developed for this purpose. Although families may choose the colours of the vessel, it is ultimately the expression of the ashes within the glaze that produces the final results. Through the years of creating different ash-glazes I have found this fact so very beautiful and profound. Every vessel is as unique as the life it represents, no two glaze results are the same, as
we are all different. It is my hope that Conscious Clay vessels can offer a small sense of comfort to families by giving them an opportunity to care for and interact with something tangible after loss. This innovative concept is turning a simple daily ritual of watering a plant or lighting a candle into a into a brief moment of connection. A beautiful and unique way to remember them. Please connect with me if this is something you might like to do for your loved one.

Hayley Bangham
Mobile: 0402114751
Website: https://consciousclay.com.au
Facebook: Conscious Clay
Facebook Messenger: ashesintoart
Instagram: ashesintoart