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Life Coach & Hypnotherapy

South Of River

Vivid Living Coaching

Veronica is an Empowerment Coach & Hypnotherapist . She guides women towards stepping safely into appreciating and embracing themselves, so they can be their own soul-fulfilling best friend. Through her own personal discovery and healing, Veronica has entwined a mindful and spiritual approach that’s reflected in her coaching, her soul-lifting techniques through different platforms & her writing. She creates a space where her clients can gain clarity and the truth about themselves, moving away from old programming of pleasing others instead leading them towards strong boundaries & self-worth all feeling more in tune with their mind, body & life rights. Veronica’s greatest gift is how she encourages each individual to reach a place where they live their own unique way, awakening them to a fulfilled, exciting life journey, all because they matter.

Veronica Galipo
Mobile: 0409118784
Facebook: Veronica G – Vivid Living Coach
Facebook Messenger: ehypnosis.vivid.lifecoach
Instagram: vividlivingcoach
LinkedIn: veronica-galipo-0566021b1lifecoachingehypnosis

Free Discovery Call offered to all committed to change & eager to move forward. Programs are offered through Zoom, Phone or Face to Face.