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Sound Therapy

Ellenbrook / Online

Tūā Pā Sound (Tuuaa Paa Sound)

During a session of sound therapy, the body’s natural healing system will be activated, which promotes and supports the healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. A non invasive therapy. As a trained and qualified practitioner*, I am passionate about facilitating in shifting blockages that prevent anyone from living a peaceful and fulfilling life. After a single session of sound therapy you will leave feeling much lighter, relaxed, and in peace of mind.

Kylie Holdem
Mobile: 0400547577
Email: info@tuapasound.com
Website: https://mailchi.mp/1cf8047fd7a3/product-landing-page
Facebook: Tūā Pā Sound
Facebook Messenger: tuapasound
Instagram: tuapasound
LinkedIn: kylie-holdem-3b461360

Balancing of chakras, the aura, generational release, past lives, emotional release, trauma release, individual sound bath, group sound meditation, geomancy (clearing energies of land and property), energy cording, distant healing.

Group Sound Meditations
Fridays 2x per month 7-8pm
The Raw Space 78 John St Henley Brook