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Perth Metro and surrounds

The Freo Doula

Pregnancy support, labour and birth support, postpartum support, birth education workshops, mother blessings, placenta encapsulation.

Doula/ Doo-luh, noun: A birth bestie. A guide for birthing families, providing specified attention to each unique journey. Hands on support throughout pregnancy birth and postpartum. Offering comfort techniques, encouragement & education to ensure a positive & satisfying birthing experience. A holder of space, protector of environment, keeper of birth. Your caregiver, a mother lover, confidante, sister. A shoulder to lean on and your biggest support in one! Offering pregnancy, birth, labour, postpartum support including placenta encapsulation.

Tara Ravaei
Mobile: 0403647094
Address: 69 Redmond Road, Hamilton Hill WA 6163
Email: tara@freodoula.com
Website: https://www.thefreodoula.com
Facebook: The Freo Doula- Birth Support & Placenta Encapsulation
Instagram: The Freo Doula | Perth Doula Collective