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Sound and Reiki Healing

Scarborough & Mobile

Sound and Reiki Healing with Colleen

Sound healer (Black belt in Sound and Vibration therapy, Shodan and Nidan) working with gongs, crystal bowls, solfeggio chimes, rain stick & include a didge player for the larger outdoor sessions (September – May) & indoor sessions (June – August). Sound and Vibration classes for individual one to one sessions. Been playing at retreats for over 3 years and been in this business for 5 years.

I run weekly sessions at my home for small groups Monday – Thursday nights and larger group sessions outdoors and indoors for the full and new moons each month. Sound sessions with didge player. Sound healing has helped me personally in my life recover from surgeries, challenges in life and be at my calmest. I work with a range of people including terminal patients, mental health workers, fifo workers & people with a lot of anxiety and stress between the ages of 15 – 70.

As we journey through this life we all have times of hurt, grief, sorrow and other pain and this is stored within our body cells, our mind and on an energetic level. This can negatively impact us on a physical level causing dis-ease, often leading to disease within the body. We have physical experiences such as illness, injury, stress or surgery that also causes an imbalance to our vibration. At a spiritual level we carry our pain for much longer as we have forgotten how to heal our spirit. All these experiences affect us physically, mentally and spiritually, impacting how we vibrate, how we live and what we attract into our lives. The Crystal bowls and chimes resonate with the 7 chakras in our body and are tuned accordingly. These sessions take you to another dimension and need to be experienced. What can be gained from these sessions: Improve Mindfulness; Enhance Your Meditation; Unblocks and Balances Your Chakras; Reduced Anxiety; Induces Relaxation; Cleanse Emotionally and deeply relaxes you, better sleep quality.

As the cleansing vibrations encapsulate your physical body, sustained harmonies of the gongs carry you into a place of deep peace. Your whole body – every muscle and every organ – is relaxed, allowing your body to balance naturally.

I am also running a winter wellness retreat on Sunday 6th June at the Scarborough Surf life saving club and monthly events in Jurien Bay with Jurien Bay Adventure tours.

Reiki Master/Teacher – Reiki workshops 1,2 and Master/Teacher.

Colleen Pearce
Mobile: 0403849600
Email: colleenmp1961@gmail.com
Website: http://colleenpearce.com.au
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Facebook Messenger: soundandreiki
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