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City/East Victoria Park/South River

The Nutrition Farmacy

I run a small practice from home in East Victoria Park and offer in clinic and distance work via zoom (all services can be online for those that can’t travel). I offer 3 modalities…

1. Functional Nutrition – I want to guide and empower others to build a healthy immune system. I use a bioindividual whole foods and whole food supplement approach together with Lingual Neuro Testing (LNT).

2. PSYCH-K – Psych-K is an efficient, spiritually based technique that helps change a person’s subconscious beliefs that prolong old habits of thinking and behavior that he or she would like to change.

3. Reiki – Usui system of natural healing together with Chakra balancing using a combination of Reiki and corresponding crystals.

I welcome free 15 minute discovery calls to ask any questions and see if this is right for you.

Kellie Siegert
Mobile: 0400028861
Email: kellie@thenutritionfarmacy.com
The Nutrition Farmacy
Facebook Messenger: the.nutrition.farmacy
Instagram: the_nutrition_farmacy_