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Soul Gazing Photography

Hello – I’m an experienced Visual Storyteller and Writer with a particular passion for capturing the heart and soul of a person’s essence. I also have a strong passion for giving people the permission to be the authority over their own lives and chisel out their best possible self.

For the past six years I have also been delivering solutions for business owners who need to stand apart from encroaching competition from all directions though my business Soul Gazing Photography Corporate. This Journey has allowed me to dive deeper into our common human experience, the stories we lead our lives with and what the soul means. Wellness program to over 20,000 participants and have great evidence based on data of the behavioural change created by implementing small changes to moving more, sitting less, sleeping better and coping with stress.

I have created a course that empowers anyone with a smartphone to stand out with imagery they take themselves. Beyond photography I have my first book which is a deeper dive into what it takes to decide our destiny I The sections covered in this book are also a part of an only course and community membership which are: Youth, Heroes, Family, Mindset, Heart & Soul, Purpose and God and Wisdom.

Kyle Spyrides
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The values imprinted in the DNA of Soul Gazing Photography and Kyle Spyrides have been passed down by angels, my grandparents. Values and principles of improvement, commitment to always do your best, kindness, social responsibility, truth and see the heart and soul in every human being.